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A virtual event presented by UDocs & Hot Docs for Continuing Professional Education in association with the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA)

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Lawyers (F)or Justice?: A Film Case Study in Access to Justice Principles

Presented by UDocs & Hot Docs for Continuing Professional Education in association with the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA)

When: Friday, March 12, 2021 / 11-12:15pm

Where: Virtual LIVE ZOOM Event through the UDocs platform (information upon registration)

Join us as we present this engaging program on access to justice, which will appeal to all professionals interested in better understanding what access to justice means and that there is an access to justice crisis in Ontario and Canada. Various approaches will be discussed to addressing it.

About the Event

You will first watch a case study featuring the original short documentary film Lawyers (F)or Justice? directed by Yavar Hameed (he is featured on today's panel).

The documentary film Lawyers (F)or Justice? is an exploration of the contemporary viability of socially conscious law in Ontario. It follows lawyer and director, Yavar Hameed, in his journey to understand the relationship between law and justice from the perspective of social activists, established socially conscious lawyers, and law students. Within the deepening crisis of access to justice in the province of Ontario, this film considers whether recent law school graduates, faced with rising levels of tuition and debt, can afford to practice socially conscious law. Can emerging lawyers break their financial chains while staying true to their ideological principles?

The documentary film is followed by a LIVE post-screening discussion about the promotion of professionalism in regard to making legal services available to the public, supporting access to justice principles, and making legal education more accessible.

  • Designed for: Lawyers, Accountants and other Professionals

  • Accredited: 1 hour (Professionalism) by Law Society of Ontario - Certificate upon completion

  • Duration: 1 hour 15 mins

  • Program Language: English

  • Program Fee: $14.99

Specific Learning Objectives

  • Define “access to justice” and how it intersects with social justice principles such as human rights and economic justice

  • Understand that there is an access to justice crisis in Ontario and Canada that requires a solution through a holistic approach

  • Discuss the importance of making legal services related to access to justice principles available to the public by:

  • - promoting the public’s access to legal representatives and courts of law

  • - allowing a greater number of individuals to seek legal remedies through legal literacy and awareness

  • - including and promoting access to legal education

  • Recognize the practical challenges in measuring access to justice for citizens in Canada and internationally

Detailed agenda:

1.     Welcome and event introduction by Rosalind Conway, Vice-President, County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) - 5 minutes 

2.     Screening of Documentary Film Lawyers (f)or Justice? - 27 min

3.      Presentation of & discussion with panelists moderated by Garrick Apollon, followed by Q&A session - 40 min

4.      Closing remarks by Garrick Apollon, screen share of link where to register to receive CPD accreditation certificate (for those who need it) - 3 min 

Panelists/Subject Matter Experts:

Yavar Hameed

Barrister & Solicitor / Avocat

Human Rights Lawyer and Documentary Filmmaker

Part-time professor, Carleton University, Legal Studies department  

Member of the Law Society of Ontario (2001)  


He has completed his Common Law degree at the University of Ottawa (J.D.) and an M.A. at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA).

Yavar Hameed is a highly respected human rights lawyer.  He has gained his national reputation for representing and winning a charter case related to mobility rights when the Canadian government denied re-entry for Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Sudanese-born Canadian facing false allegations of terrorism.

His law practice focuses on empowering clients to understand their rights and offer strategies to help them navigate, simplify, and overcome disempowering and oppressive legal and social challenges.



Martha Jackman

Professor, Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa

Professor Jackman specializes in the area of constitutional law, with a particular focus on issues relating to women and other marginalized groups. She has held various positions within the law school including Vice-Dean of the French Common Law Program, and Shirley E. Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession. She publishes primarily in the areas of socio-economic rights, equality, and the Canadian Charter.


Moderated by:


Garrick Apollon

Lawyer, Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Law and Executive MBA program at the University of Ottawa, Co-Founder UDocs.

Garrick Apollon has 15 years of experience as a corporate lawyer with special expertise in professional development for legal and business professionals. 

Garrick is also a documentary filmmaker and a Fellow with Hot Docs for Continuing Professional Education. Garrick is an alumnus from the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School (Penn Law) where he studied visual legal advocacy.



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