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  • Designed for: Lawyers, Accountants and other Professionals

  • To Be Accredited: (1 hour 30 mins Substantive & 30 minutes EDI Professionalism by LSO)

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Program Language: French

  • Program Fee: $149

  • Closed Caption available: English

Course Summary

This training focuses on combating climate change and contributing to sustainable development, environmental protection, and biodiversity conservation for current and future generations.

You will first watch the film La Terre Vue Du Coeur as a case study.

In La Terre Vue Du Coeur Hubert Reeves and Frédéric Lenoir, scientists, authors, and artists put forth the argument that biodiversity is now under threat. While some humans are at the root of the crisis, more and more humans are tackling it and creating solutions. Together, in this film dedicated to future generations, they remind us how life in all its forms is a fascinating and touching mystery... one that it is up to us to preserve!

To obtain the training certificate upon completion of the course, the final step is a self-assessment quiz based on the issues discussed in the film and with the experts interviewed.

Specific Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the global social movement to combat climate change

  • Understanding the Aboriginal Cultural Perspective for Environmental Protection (Indigenous Contributions to Combating Climate Change)

  • Understanding the national and international legislative framework for environmental protection

  • Understanding key issues at the corporate social responsibility (CSR) level:

  • - How to generally identify best practices to foster good corporate governance in the fight against climate change;

  • - How to identify companies' greenhouse gas inventory and compliance requirements;

  • - How to identify companies’ short- and long-term strategies for the proper compliance measures and strategies; and

  • - How to identify the most efficient and effective way to implement an entrepreneurial plan to combat climate change.